How to submit a resource to the Dual Diagnosis Hub website

Tutorial on: How to submit a resource to the Dual Diagnosis Hub website

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With the Dual Diagnosis Hub websites, you can submit your favourite resources, and in order to be able to do this, you’ll need to register with the main Dual Diagnosis Hub website first and then visit your account page when you’re logged in to be able to do this.

Please Note: The resources directory on the main website is aimed at resources & organisations that have a national focus i.e. can be used & accessed by anyone. If your organisation primarily provides support or information to people locally, then please submit your organisation to the Dual Diagnosis Hub: Local website.

This short tutorial will tell you how to do this:

Step 1: Visit the main Dual Diagnosis Hub website

Visit the home page of the main Dual Diagnosis Hub website:

Step 2: Click on the Login link in the header

Click on the sign-up tab of the modal pop-up:

Step 3: Log in to the Dual Diagnosis Hub website with the username and password that you entered

  1. Enter the username and password into the relevant boxes
  2. Click on the ‘Login’ button, and you should be redirected to the home page as a logged-in user!

Step 4: Visit your account section when logged in to the main Dual Diagnosis Hub website

Screenshot showing how to Visit the main Duel Diagnosis Hub Account section

Step 6: Click on the Add New Resource link

Step 7: Complete all of the fields in this section with the info about your resource

  1. Enter the name of the resource you want to submit
  2. Upload a Resource Thumbnail image for the resource
  3. Add some text about the resource
  4. Add the website address of your resource
  5. Add the links to this resource/organisation’s social media channels in the relevant box
  6. Add a link to the support section of the resource that you’re submitting
  7. Add a link to how visitors can support this resource or organisation
  8. Enter the contact telephone number & email address into the relevant boxes
  9. Upload any other images that you’d like to be displayed on the resource’s listing page (such as screenshots)
  10. Select all of the related diagnoses or types of addiction that your resource aims to help
  11. Select all of the relevant types of your resource e.g. if your resource is primarily a website, then check the website checkbox.
  12. Click on the blue ‘Add New Resource’ button to submit your resource!

And that’s it!

And, that’s it! You’ve just submitted your first resource to the main Dual Diagnosis Hub website.

Please Note: Your resource will now need to be approved by the Dual Diagnosis Hub’s administrator, and then once that’s been approved, your resource(s) will appear in the list of the most recent resources that you’ve submitted in your Account section of the site.

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